Where Can I Serve?

At College Hill Church, we believe that each and every person in the congregation is a minister.  And the opportunities for “doing ministry” are about as diverse as the people who walk through our doors. Interesting how that works, isn’t it?

Private Acts of Ministry

Have you ever considered that many of the simple things you do in daily life are really acts of ministry that help bring about the kingdom of God here on earth?
Here are a few examples:
  • A smile, a kind word, a genuine compliment, a heart-felt thank you
  • Just listening to a person who needs someone to talk to
  • Praying for a situation or person (even if they don’t know it)
  • Taking a moment to make a someone feel welcome and valued
  • Simply showing up and being present

Contributing Your Time and Talents

When we use the gifts and abilities God has given us in a servant-hearted way, it honors God and ministers to others.
Here are just a few of the many ways you could participate:
  • Singing in the choir or sharing other musical talents in worship
  • Volunteering as a liturgist (reading scripture and prayers in worship)
  • Helping in the church office (tons of help needed, and absolutely no experience required!)
  • Helping set-up or clean-up for special events
  • Driving the church van
  • Helping the audio/visual team during worship
  • Working with our wonderful children and youth
  • Serving as an usher
  • Helping with the church newsletter or website

Teaming Up in a Ministering Unit

Is there something that inspires you or something that you’re passionate or deeply concerned about?  Chances are, we have a Ministering Unit related to whatever that might be.
Ministering Units are teams of people with similar passions and concerns that work together to organize and lead various aspects of our community life and mission.  Learn more about any Ministering Unit that sounds interesting by clicking on the links below.
(You can also access those pages directly from anywhere on the site by clicking the drop-down menu under “Ministries” in the navigation bar near the top of every page)


Not sure where your particular talent, passion or concern might fit?  No problem! Talk to a Deacon, Elder or church staff member about what moves you – and we’ll help you find a way to serve that fits what’s unique about you.