The Session of College Hill Church

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The Session of College Hill Community Church meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00PM.  Submissions to the Session must be in the church offices no later than two weeks before that date to be included in the Session’s report.

Currently Serving Ruling Elders

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The following individuals are currently serving as ruling elders on the College Hill Church Session.  Terms typically last 3 years.  The “class” is the final year of their term of service.
Class of 2017
  • Paula Ewers
  • Jose Jones
  • Melanie Monzon
  • Ivy Young
Class of 2018
  • Josephine Laury
  • Pat Townsel
  • Marjorie Baker
  • Joel Carson
Class of 2019
  • Marlea Gaskins
  • Michael Hulbert
  • Brenda Peters
  • Bruce Johnson