The Pastor’s Corner
October 2019
“As you do unto the least of these you do unto me” Matthew 25:40
Dear Members and Friends,
Our 2019 CHCC Stewardship Campaign Theme is “Celebrating 75 years of
Faithfulness Through Stewardship”. Our Stewardship Theme songs are “Great is Thy faithfulness” and
“We’ve Come This far by Faith”. World Communion Sunday (October 6th) is the beginning of our 2019
CHCC Stewardship Campaign. Elder Larry Hollar is again leading the Hunger Crop Walk which will take
place here in Dayton on that day. Last year our church was one of the largest local contributors to that
Campaign. I invite you to work with us to help us be the largest local contributor this year. It’s not too late.
Please contact Elder Larry Hollar.
I invite you to tithe and or increase your pledges in 2020 so that CHCC can continue to feed the physically
and spiritually hungry people in Dayton and all around the world. Will you respond? I want to thank all of you
who pledged last year and fulfilled your pledge. You still have a chance to fulfill your pledges for this year if
you haven’t already. I invite you to pledge this year even if it’s for the first time. Jesus said, “Truly I tell you,
whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sister of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40)
That is our Biblical foundation for our 2019 Campaign.
The Presbyterian Church (USA) is calling all of our churches to commit to being “Matthew 25 Churches”.
Accepting the Matthew 25 invitation means committing to act boldly and compassionately by embracing one
or more of three areas of focus: A) Building congregational vitality, B) Dismantling structural racism and C)
Eradicating systemic poverty.
College Hill Community Church was already a Matthew Church but our session voted to make a commitment
to be a Matthew 25 Church, by filling out the Commitment Card and sending it into the Presbytery Mission
Agency (PMA) in June 2019. In response we received a certificate of commitment from Rev. Dr. Diane
Moffett, President and Director of PMA., which acknowledges that College Hill Community Church of Dayton
Ohio is a Matthew 25 Church called to engage in the world around us.
What is a Matthew 25 Church? Matthew 25:31-46 calls all of us to actively engage in our communities and
the world to act boldly and to compassionately serve people who are hungry, oppressed, imprisoned or poor.
Jesus invites us to be fearless and purposeful disciples.
Some of our congregations, of course, are already doing this great work. Others could use a little nudge to
wake up to new possibilities and seize the moment. I shared a message similar to the following in the
September meeting of the Presbytery of Miami Valley Presbytery (PMV).
What does being a Matthew 25 Church mean to CHCC particularly? It means that we are committed to our
vision statement, “Serving the God who loves and values all.” It means that we celebrate 75 years of
faithfulness through stewardship and continue to embody faith and faithfulness. It means that we feed the
hungry. We did this in the summer of 2019 as part of the six week Dayton Scholars program. We fed free
breakfasts and lunches to the young people in the program (pre-K- aged to 3rd grade) and also hungry
people up to age 18 who walked off the street for food .
The Dayton Scholars (a math, literacy and summer enrichment program) was piloted in Dayton and Directed
by Rev. Dr. Karen Young. College Hill Community Church youth, adults, members, elders, Deacons and
friends used their talents and gifts to teach, volunteer and tutor. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and hot meals
were served daily for six weeks to about 200 families in three sites; College Hill Community Church (worked
in all 3 sites), Corinthian Baptist Church and St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church.
This year a collaborative effort with Southminster Presbyterian Church was formed in response to the needs
of the Memorial Day Tornado victims, after I met with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) and the PMV
leaders from various churches at the Presbytery Office. Southminster Presbyterian Women rotated between
the three sites for six Fridays serving breakfast, lunch and sent home dinners with each family.
Being a Matthew 25 church means that CHCC feeds the hungry and clothes the naked. We did that as part
of our Tornado relief work with the West Dayton Caravan Churches (WDCC), a group of 24 churches. In
collaboration with WDCC we provided hot meals, packaged food, bottled water , diapers and formula at our
distributing site which was St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church. CHCC distributed 20 gift cards we received
from PMV for Tornado Disaster victims. We also distributed 25 clean up buckets full of supplies from Church
World Services which we received from PMV. Thank you PMV. After I gave a presentation similar to that
and an invitation to PMV to commit to being a Matthew 25 presbytery, the PMV voted to commit to being a
Matthew 25 Presbytery. Praise God for faith and faithfulness!
The following are scripture passages, titles of my upcoming Stewardship Sermons and food for thought to
reflect on as you discern what God would have you pledge to CHCC for 2020:
Octoer 6, 2019 (World Communion Sunday: Beginning of 2019 Stewardship Campaign)
#1 Sermon Title: “Faithful Stewardship”
Old Testament : Joshua 2:14 – 24 Epistle: Hebrews 11:31 – 40 Gospel: Matthew 25:14 – 30
Food For Thought: “As you do unto the least of these you do unto me” Matthew 25:40
October 11th – 13th – Women’s Conference – “We are more Than enough”
October 13th- Rev. Dr. Karen Young will preach
October 20, 2019
#2 Sermon Title: ‘Faithful Commitment”
Old Testament: Joshua 2:14 – 24 Epistle; James 4:1 – 8 Gospel: Luke Luke 19: 12 -23
Food For Thought: “Well done, my good and faithful servant, because you have been faithful in a
very little thing, be in authority over 10 cities” Luke 19: 17 NAS
October 27, 2919
#3 Sermon Tile: “Faithful Servanthood”
Old Testament: Proverbs 11: 23–30 Epistle: Philippians 2:1–12 Gospel: Luke 17:11-19
Food For Thought: “Rise, and go your way, your faith has made you well” Luke 17:19
November 3, 2019 Stewardship Dedication Sunday
#4 Sermon Title: “Celebrating 75 years of Faithfulness Through stewardship of the 3 T’s”
Old Testament: Psalms 119: 1 – 11 Epistle; 1 Corinthians 3: 10 – 15
Gospel: Matthew 25: 31 – 40
Food For Thought: ‘Are you faithful with your talent, time and treasure?” More Food for
Thought; “ I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me
something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in” Matthew 25: 35
November 10, 2019
#5 Sermon Title” Faithful Contribution”
Old Testament: Joel 2:23 – 29 Epistle: 2nd Timothy 4: 2- 8 Gospel: Matthew 6:19 – 30
Food For thought: ‘For where your treasure is , there will your heart be also”
May God order your steps and your tongues as you discern what God would have you pledge to
CHCC for 2020.
On behalf of the least of these,
Pastor Darryll Young